Download Yudistira HD Bus Livery [117 Files] For FREE!

Yudistira HD Bus Livery

Livery is a complement for the vehicle we use. Especially in the games like Bus Simulator Indonesia, user can install the Yudistira HD bus livery to make the bus look more charming.

Bus Simulator Indonesia game has become the most popular game on Playstore in Indonesia and neighboring countries, even worldwide.

Initially when the quotation “Om Telolet Om” became increasingly popular and even the world-class football players & one of the richest football players, Cristiano Ronaldo take part to saying it.

Seeing this potential, an idea emerged from the youth of the Indonesian nation to create a masterpiece in the game sector.

In addition to introducing the culture of the Indonesian state, the creation of this game can also be an infinite money maker, because everyone is free to express their ideas and creativity in the game.

We all know, games that allow players to modify, create or make certain parts as they wish (and involve many people) will be much more durable than games that are set on a fixed basis.

In the Bus Simulator Indonesia game itself, users can make modifications regarding :

  • Livery or bus skin
  • Vehicle MOD
  • Graphics and looks
  • etc

Usually, to install the livery & mod we need to spend money to pay for it, or it can be done by watching advertisements.

Table of Contents

What Is Livery?

For those of you who don’t understand what livery is, livery is an element that can be installed as clothes on a vehicle such as a car, bus, to motorcycle.

In the real world, you can see the Redbull car design is so cool with a motif that is so striking and describes a challenging terrain, it can also be called as livery.

This motif can be adapted to a particular organization, group or community.

In fact, you can also make livery according to your wishes and motives that have nothing to do with any identity, it’s all up to you.

Well, in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game, you can download the livery that I have prepared this time. There are 117 files Yudistira HD bus livery!


As i mentioned above, a livery can represent a particular group or community, so that it can give a proud impression.

Just imagine, when there is a carnival convoy event that is so exclusive. Everyone uses the exact same shirt design, pants, drums, and even car designs! Isn’t that amazing?

So, the use of livery is to beautify the appearance of a vehicle.

In addition, if there are physical scratches on the vehicle body, the livery will cover it elegantly.

How To Apply?

First, you must download the livery files below (after this step), then just go to Garage ⇒ choose Paint Icon in the top of buses ⇒ checklist Full/High Resolution ⇒ find the Yudistira HD bus livery that you downloaded ⇒ and finally, click Install/Apply


Yudistira HD Bus Livery

Oke, this is what i’m talking, 117 files of Yudistira HD bus livery that i’m collect from any source.

You can download it for free, no password and high quality compressed.

It’s been compressed?

Yes. But don’t worry, I’ve make sure that the quality is still better for looks.

Anyway, you don’t need a resolution of up to 4000×4000. Because the game developer just made the template only 1024×1024, and i’ve increased it a bit to 1500×1500 (it’s pretty enough).

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Download 117 Yudistira HD Bus Livery Files

Before download it, you can see the image to see how the preview looks when the livery is applied to buses.

Make sure to give a pause when downloading, so the download can run smoothly.

1. ALS Jadul Karat

Jadul is mean ancient time. And ALS is one of bus PO on the Sumatera island, Indonesia. The features in this skin are rust effects and old looking buses.

ALS Jadul Karat

2. ALS Jadul

Same as above, but with no rust effect.

ALS Jadul

3. ALS SR1


4. Aneka Jaya

Aneka Jaya

5. ANS Gorden

This is the skin version with a draperies.

ANS Gorden

6. ANS

Same with above, but not using draperies.


7. Antavaya


8. Arista Onion Evano

Livery Yudistira HD Arista Onion Evano

9. Arista Onion Neo

Arista Onion Neo

10. Armada Bumi Minang

Armada Bumi Minang

11. Balideva


12. Bintang Kedjora Gorden

Bintang Kedjora Gorden

13. Bintang Kedjora Non Gorden

Bintang Kedjora Non Gorden

14. Bintang Mas Alhamdulillah

Bintang Mas Alhamdulillah

15. Bintang Mas

Bintang Mas

16. Borneo Trans

PT Borneo Trans Mandiri (BTM) is one of the transportation companies, especially in Kalimantan island.

Using the name Bus Borneo Trans, which provides two types of bus fleets, namely Royal Class with 24 passenger seats.

Borneo Trans

17. Brilian

Brilliant PO, the first sleeper bus in Indonesia with a short life. The bus company is from Banyumas, Central Java, and was the first originator in this country.

The bus relies on a 2013 Hino RK260 chassis wrapped in a Jetbus 2+ body from Adi Putro.

His presence in July 2016 attracted the attention of many people. This is because sleeper buses have never existed in Indonesia.

Even on the windshield of the Brilliant bus, the words ‘Indonesian 1st Sleeper Bus’ were emblazoned.

Even though the bus service stopped operating, PO Brilian itself still exists as a tourism bus provider. Of course with a normal bus seat configuration.


18. Budiman V2

Budiman V2

19. CAB


20. Citra Adi Lancar

Citra Adi Lancar


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