Download Yudistira HD Bus Livery [117 Files] For FREE!

Yudistira HD Bus Livery

Livery is a complement for the vehicle we use. Especially in the games like Bus Simulator Indonesia, user can install the Yudistira HD bus livery to make the bus look more charming.

Bus Simulator Indonesia game has become the most popular game on Playstore in Indonesia and neighboring countries, even worldwide.

Initially when the quotation “Om Telolet Om” became increasingly popular and even the world-class football players & one of the richest football players, Cristiano Ronaldo take part to saying it.

Seeing this potential, an idea emerged from the youth of the Indonesian nation to create a masterpiece in the game sector.

In addition to introducing the culture of the Indonesian state, the creation of this game can also be an infinite money maker, because everyone is free to express their ideas and creativity in the game.

We all know, games that allow players to modify, create or make certain parts as they wish (and involve many people) will be much more durable than games that are set on a fixed basis.

In the Bus Simulator Indonesia game itself, users can make modifications regarding :

  • Livery or bus skin
  • Vehicle MOD
  • Graphics and looks
  • etc

Usually, to install the livery & mod we need to spend money to pay for it, or it can be done by watching advertisements.

Table of Contents

What Is Livery?

For those of you who don’t understand what livery is, livery is an element that can be installed as clothes on a vehicle such as a car, bus, to motorcycle.

In the real world, you can see the Redbull car design is so cool with a motif that is so striking and describes a challenging terrain, it can also be called as livery.

This motif can be adapted to a particular organization, group or community.

In fact, you can also make livery according to your wishes and motives that have nothing to do with any identity, it’s all up to you.

Well, in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game, you can download the livery that I have prepared this time. There are 117 files Yudistira HD bus livery!


As i mentioned above, a livery can represent a particular group or community, so that it can give a proud impression.

Just imagine, when there is a carnival convoy event that is so exclusive. Everyone uses the exact same shirt design, pants, drums, and even car designs! Isn’t that amazing?

So, the use of livery is to beautify the appearance of a vehicle.

In addition, if there are physical scratches on the vehicle body, the livery will cover it elegantly.

How To Apply?

First, you must download the livery files below (after this step), then just go to Garage ⇒ choose Paint Icon in the top of buses ⇒ checklist Full/High Resolution ⇒ find the Yudistira HD bus livery that you downloaded ⇒ and finally, click Install/Apply


Yudistira HD Bus Livery

Oke, this is what i’m talking, 117 files of Yudistira HD bus livery that i’m collect from any source.

You can download it for free, no password and high quality compressed.

It’s been compressed?

Yes. But don’t worry, I’ve make sure that the quality is still better for looks.

Anyway, you don’t need a resolution of up to 4000×4000. Because the game developer just made the template only 1024×1024, and i’ve increased it a bit to 1500×1500 (it’s pretty enough).

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Download 117 Yudistira HD Bus Livery Files

Before download it, you can see the image to see how the preview looks when the livery is applied to buses.

Make sure to give a pause when downloading, so the download can run smoothly.

1. ALS Jadul Karat

Jadul is mean ancient time. And ALS is one of bus PO on the Sumatera island, Indonesia. The features in this skin are rust effects and old looking buses.

ALS Jadul Karat

2. ALS Jadul

Same as above, but with no rust effect.

ALS Jadul

3. ALS SR1


4. Aneka Jaya

Aneka Jaya

5. ANS Gorden

This is the skin version with a draperies.

ANS Gorden

6. ANS

Same with above, but not using draperies.


7. Antavaya


8. Arista Onion Evano

Livery Yudistira HD Arista Onion Evano

9. Arista Onion Neo

Arista Onion Neo

10. Armada Bumi Minang

Armada Bumi Minang

11. Balideva


12. Bintang Kedjora Gorden

Bintang Kedjora Gorden

13. Bintang Kedjora Non Gorden

Bintang Kedjora Non Gorden

14. Bintang Mas Alhamdulillah

Bintang Mas Alhamdulillah

15. Bintang Mas

Bintang Mas

16. Borneo Trans

PT Borneo Trans Mandiri (BTM) is one of the transportation companies, especially in Kalimantan island.

Using the name Bus Borneo Trans, which provides two types of bus fleets, namely Royal Class with 24 passenger seats.

Borneo Trans

17. Brilian

Brilliant PO, the first sleeper bus in Indonesia with a short life. The bus company is from Banyumas, Central Java, and was the first originator in this country.

The bus relies on a 2013 Hino RK260 chassis wrapped in a Jetbus 2+ body from Adi Putro.

His presence in July 2016 attracted the attention of many people. This is because sleeper buses have never existed in Indonesia.

Even on the windshield of the Brilliant bus, the words ‘Indonesian 1st Sleeper Bus’ were emblazoned.

Even though the bus service stopped operating, PO Brilian itself still exists as a tourism bus provider. Of course with a normal bus seat configuration.


18. Budiman V2

Budiman V2

19. CAB


20. Citra Adi Lancar

Citra Adi Lancar

21. CSH 88

CSH 88

22. Dewi Sri V3

Dewi Sri was founded in Tegal City in the 1980s by H Ismail, a man from Randusanga Kulon, Brebes, Brebes who migrated to Tegal after marrying his wife Hj Rokhayah.

In the early days of its establishment, Dewi Sri operated on the round trip Tegal-Jakarta route. At that time, intercity bus competition on the Pantura route was very tight.

Together with his brother, namely “Dedy Jaya”. Dewi Sri competed with “Sinar Jaya” which at that time was on the rise. No wonder the three buses often compete with each other.

In the early 2000s, Ismail handed over the baton of Dewi Sri’s leadership to his son, Ikmal Jaya.

Ikmal himself has experience in managing the transportation sector, such as his success in managing urban transportation in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) and its surroundings.

Dewi Sri V3

23. Dieng Indah

Dieng Indah

24. Doa Ibu SR1

Livery Bussid Doa Ibu SR1

25. Duta Gemilang Gorden

Dugem Gorden

26. Duta Gemilang


27. Efisiensi


28. Family Raya Hujau

Family Raya was originally a company that provided land transportation in the form of the Bangko – Bukittinggi route, then continued to spread to the Regencies of Cities in West Sumatra such as Padang, Solok, the southern part and even Payakumbuh.

Then the Family Raya Bus route was expanded to Central Java (Pati, Solo and the surrounding area).

They also have a special unit serving the local route Jambi – Muaro Bungo, Jambi – Bangko PP.

In addition, they already have the best tourism bus fleet in Jambi with modern fleets and luxurious facilities.

Family Raya Hujau

29. Gapuraning Rahayu

Gapuraning Rahayu

30. Garin Trans

Garin Trans

31. Garuda Mas Mahessa

Garuda Mas Mahessa

32. Gege Transport V2

Gege Transport V2

33. Goodwill Gorden

Goodwill Gorden

34. Goodwill


35. Gunung Harta V2

At the beginning of its establishment in 1993, the pioneered of a transportation between cities within the province (AKDP) which only served the Denpasar-Gilimanuk route.

In 1995, starting from various information and business instincts owned so that the development of the service business penetrated into inter-city inter-provincial bus transportation with assistance from the banking sector, other financial institutions as well as from the support and trust of the community, in the following years Gunung Harta continued to experience growth.

In 2004 Gunung Harta experienced development with a fleet of about 40 units with the allocation:

  • Denpasar – Gilimanuk PP
  • Denpasar – Jember PP
  • Denpasar – Surabaya PP
  • Denpasar – Malang PP
  • Denpasar – Solo – Yogyakarta PP
  • Denpasar – Semarang – Jakarta PP
  • Denpasar – Madiun – Maospati – Ponorogo
  • As well as for tourism transportation and express package delivery services

In 2006 Gunung Harta had the expansion of the Denpasar – Malang – Blitar – Tulungagung and Denpasar – Surabaya – Kediri routes, with a total of 5 fleets.

For Denpasar – Malang – Blitar – Tulungagung as many as 3 fleets and Denpasar – Surabaya – Kediri 2 fleets.

Gunung Harta V2

36. Gunung Mulia V2

PO. Gunung Mulia is a land transportation provider company with a fleet of buses that serve various routes from :

  • Jakarta
  • Bogor
  • Tangerang
  • Bekasi

And surrounding areas to several cities in Central Java such as :

  • Semarang
  • Ungaran
  • Solo
  • Sukoharjo
  • Wonogiri
  • Ngadirijo
  • Jatisrono
  • Purwantoro

This Otobus company was founded in 1986 with its head office located in the city of Wonogiri, Central Java.

By using various chassis variants from the manufacturer Hino RK8, Hino RG, Mercedes Benz OH 1521 and OH 1525z which are equipped with facilities that greatly support the comfort of passengers while on the trip.

Even so, the ticket prices offered are also very affordable for all people with classes ranging from Economy, VIP and Executive.

Gunung Mulia V2

37. Handoyo SR1

The difference between the normal livery and the livery with the SR1 code is the side pillar, the #bismania often call it a scarf.

The Legacy SR-1 can be called a special edition, which is an accessory that separates the driver and passengers in the front row of seats (railing protection).

Handoyo SR1

38. Handoyo

PO Handoyo has an office on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta in Magelang, Central Java. The office is also a garage for his fleet.

At the beginning of its establishment, PO Handoyo served the routes of Yogyakarta – Semarang, Magelang – Weleri and Magelang – Ngadirejo.

Please note that Handoyo Bus is one of the transportation companies that provides services to meet the needs of the community in terms of public transportation.

Handoyo buses have inter-provincial and inter-city routes as well as between islands, namely the island of Java and the island of Sumatra. The Java Island route is from Jakarta to Malang.

PO Handoyo was founded in 1975 by the great entrepreneur, Dibyo Wibowo. And the name “Handoyo” itself is taken from the name of his son Daniel Handoyo.

PO Handoyo is under PT PT Indo Transport Abdimas and is managed directly by Daniel Handoyo.

With his time and experience in the world of night buses, PO Handoyo has earned the nickname the king of the streets from the Tidar Valley of Magelang in Central Java.

Even in difficult times, PO Handoyo had time to acquire other POs such as Mandala from East Java who joined the Handoyo Group.

Handoyo buses have a fleet of VIP, Economy, Patas, AC and AC economy classes that use bus chassis from Hino such as AK and RK as well as Mercedes-Benz chassis.

To build the bus, Handoyo often uses the services of bodybuilders from New Armada, Laksana, Rahayu Santosa and Adi Putro.

Now PO Handoyo serves the Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Klaten, Surabaya-Cirebon and Jakarta-Wonogiri routes.

PO Handoyo has also collaborated with bus companies to Malang. The destinations from Malang are Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Wonosobo, Purwokerto, Semarang and Magelang.

For the purpose of the Java route, the types of buses used are AC, Patas and executive buses serving the routes of Jakarta, Klaten, Solo, Wonogiri, Gemolong, Pracimantoro, Pulo Gadung, Bekasi, Semarang, Kudus, Pati, Tangerang, Temanggung, Magelang, Kali Deres. and Tirtomoyo.


39. Harapan Jaya Gorden

Harapan Jaya Gorden

40. Harapan Jaya V2

Harapan Jaya V2

41. Haryanto 007 Vanttagio Gorden

PO Haryanto Haryanto is one of the best bus companies (PO) in Java.

The service quality of this transportation mode provider from Kudus, Central Java is evidenced by the achievement of an award from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation for the non-economic AKAP Bus category in 2019.

Haryanto was pioneered in 2002 by H. Haryanto. Haryanto started its operations with an initial capital of six buses serving the Cimone – Cikarang route.

Due to lack of interest, Haryanto opened new routes, namely Jakarta – Kudus, Jakarta – Pati, and Jakarta – Jepara. Since then, the routes served have continued to expand to cover various areas in Java and Madura.

In addition, Haryanto also serves route tickets to Sumatra, in collaboration with NPM otobuses company, which is one of the bus companies in Sumatera island.

Livery Bussid Haryanto 009 Sadewa

42. Haryanto 007 Vanttagio

Haryanto 014 Arjuna v2

43. Haryanto 009 Sadewa

Livery Haryanto 014 Arjuna

44. Haryanto 014 Arjuna v2

Haryanto 022

45. Haryanto 014 Arjuna

Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru Gorden

46. Haryanto 022

Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru

47. Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru Gorden

Livery Yudistira HD Haryanto 202 Al Zahwa

48. Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru

Haryanto 26 Hanoman

49. Haryanto 202 Al Zahwa

Haryanto 93 New Tattoo

50. Haryanto 26 Hanoman

Haryanto 007 Vanttagio Gorden

51. Haryanto 93 New Tattoo

Haryanto 007 Vanttagio

52. Hasyim Asyari

Hasyim Asyari

53. HUT RI 76 Polos

Livery HUT RI Polos

54. HUT RI 76

Livery Bussid HUT RI

55. Ivan Motor

Ivan Motor

56. Jackal Holidays

Jackal Holidays

57. Jaya Reog

PO Jaya is a bus company from Ponorogo, East Java. This Jaya bus has two types of fleets, namely Jaya 1 which is yellow and Jaya 2 which is white.

The hallmark of the Jaya Kuning bus can be seen on the head, which always has green, white, red colors which at first glance resemble the Italian flag.

Then on both the left and right sides there are chess sticker patterns.

Jaya Reog

58. Koswara Trans

Koswara Trans

59. Lestari Muda

Lestari Muda

60. Maju Lancar V2

Maju Lancar is the pride of the people of Gunung Kidul, PO Maju Lancar has been established since 1986 by H. Sutrisno and Hj. Sri Hartati.

PO Maju Lancar is a passenger and freight transportation service company headquartered in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Currently, Maju Lancar buses have 64 units of fleet operating, and Maju Lancar buses serve a variety of new routes such as Wonosari-Palembang and Wonosari-Bandung.

The Maju Lancar bus schedule also serves Yogyakarta trips to Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, and finally the Maju Lancar bus to Tangerang.

Maju Lancar V2

61. Maju Terus

Maju Terus

62. Makmur

Bus Makmur is the brother of Bus Halmahera which is a PO Bus from Medan. Both of them serve land transportation trips.

The Makmur Medan bus travels from North Sumatra, to be precise from Medan to several provinces on the island of Sumatra itself.

Makmur buses use engines from Mercedes Benz O500R or OH 1836 which are now also used by many other bus fleets in Indonesia.

The product is indeed very stubborn and durable because it is included in the latest product category.

Each car body is competing to show its best work compared to the Mercedes Benz OH 1836 chassis, such as the Adi Putro Malang body.


63. Malika Wisata

Malika Wisata

64. Manattan


65. Manggala Trans Biru

Manggala Trans Biru

66. Marissa Holiday Gorden

Marissa Holiday Gorden

67. Marissa Holiday

Livery Marissa Holiday Yudistira HD

68. Mata Trans

Mata Trans

69. Merdeka


70. Muji Jaya

PO Muji Jaya was present as the first bus company in Jepara on August 5, 1991. With the MD code taken from the name of its founder, H. Murdi, Muji Jaya Bus started its operations by serving the Jepara–Jakarta route.

Now, Muji Jaya’s services have been expanded to cover Greater Jakarta, Central Java and Bali, making it one of the best choices for intercity and interprovincial travel.

The Muji Jaya bus comes in the VIP Executive class with 32 seats configured 2-2 from Hai Rimba Kencana. The PO Muji Jaya fleet uses reliable Mercedes and Hino RK engines.

Muji Jaya has also released 3 units of Adiputro body buses which are planned to be operated as AKAP Muriaan buses (buses operating in the Gunung Muria area) with the Jakarta–Jepara route.

The routes that passengers are most interested in for the Muji Jaya Bus are:

  1. Semarang – Tangerang
  2. Karawang – Pati
  3. Bekasi – Kudus
  4. Tangerang – Kudus
  5. Bogor – Pati
Muji Jaya

71. Murni Jaya Discovery

Murni Jaya Discovery By Sandhi Irmawan

72. New Damri SR1

New Damri SR1

73. New Damri

New Damri

74. New Shantika Elegance

New Shantika Elegance

75. New Shantika Elegant

New Shantika Elegant

76. NPM V2

Do you know which bus company (PO) is the oldest in Indonesia? The answer is Naikilah Perusahaan Minang or better known by the abbreviation name NPM.

This transportation service company was founded since the Dutch colonial era in 1937 by Bahauddin Sutan Barbangso Nan Kuniang. The beginning of his business was from a bendi or gig.

However, along with the times when automotive companies entered Indonesia, Bahauddin founded the bus transportation company NPM with his colleagues.

The family company based in Padang Panjang City, West Sumatra is now managed by the third generation under the management of Angga Vircansa Chairul.

In the early days, PO NPM only served a few routes within the province of West Sumatra. Several decades later it developed by opening routes to various cities on the island of Sumatra.

In the 1980s, PO NPM began to travel to the island of Java. From West Sumatra, PO NPM started departures to various majors on the island of Java from several cities, such as Padang, Bukittinggi, Pariaman, Payakumbuh, and others.

At its peak, in the 1900s to early 2000 the PO NPM route network stretched from Medan, Pekanbaru, Dumai, Jambi, Bengkulu, Palembang, and Bandar Lampung on the island of Sumatra, to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, and Bandung in Java Island.

NPM also serves the main route in West Sumatra, namely Padang – Bukit Tinggi.

Entering the 2000s, all bus POs faced a big challenge. The decline in long-distance bus passenger transportation is due to various factors, such as cheap airline tickets, the ease of getting a private car through credit, and the rise of travel companies that use small cars. This causes many large bus fleets such as PO NPM to be unemployed and cause losses.

In early 2020, PO NPM in collaboration with PO Haryanto and PO Sumber Alam facilitated passengers who would go to Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java via a ticket.

PO NPM passengers from Sumatra island heading to northern Central Java and East Java will later be transferred to PO Haryanto bus, while passengers heading to Yogyakarta and southern Central Java will be transferred to PO Sumber Alam and vice versa.

NPM V2 Yudistira HD

77. Nuasa Ilham

Nuasa Ilham

78. Nusantara


79. Pandawa 87

Pandawa 87 is one of the Autobus Companies that has been engaged in public transportation for a long time.

Previously, Pandawa 87 only served tourist trips, but since July 2021 they have begun to expand into the AKAP bus segment with the Jakarta-Surabaya-Banyuwangi route.

PO Pandawa 87 opens an AKAP bus line with the Super Executive class or Sleeper Bus and there is also an Executive class.

For its first route, PO Pandawa opened the Poris-Banyuwangi route and also the Jakarta-Banyuwangi route.

A total of 6 bus units have been prepared to serve the Jakarta-Banyuwangi route with various classes including Super Executive or Sleeper Bus and there is also an Executive class.

Then for this September, Pandawa 87 again opened a new route with Executive class buses. There are five fleets that have been prepared for this new line.

To distinguish it, Padawa 87 uses a series namely Series C, Series E1, Series E2, Series D1, and Series D2. All bus fleets will pass the Trans Java toll road.

Pandawa 87

80. Pebepe Arnius

Pebepe Arnius

81. PMH Gorden

PMH Gorden

82. PMH


83. PMTOH V2

Livery Bussid PMTOH V2

84. Purwo Widodo Kotor

Purwo Widodo kotor

85. Purwo Widodo

Purwo Widodo

86. Putra Gemilang

Putra Gemilang

87. Putra Luragung

Putra Luragung

88. Putra Pelangi

Putra Pelangi

89. Safari Dharma Raya

Safari Dharma Raya

90. Safari Discovery

Safari Discovery By Sandhi Irmawan

91. Samarinda Lestari

Samarinda Lestari

92. Sandpaper Cafe Bus

Sandpaper Cafe Bus

93. Sandpaper Ijo

Sandpaper Ijo

94. Sandpaper Janetes

Sandpaper Janetes

95. Santoso V2

PO Santoso started from PO Tresno which was founded by dr. Anwar Sani and his wife in Magelang in the ’70s.

PO Tresno which was inherited to the couple’s three children later became 3 new bus companies, namely PO Life Baru, PO Kencana Jaya, and PO Santoso.

When Kencana Jaya was unable to maintain its business, several units of Kencana Jaya buses were purchased by PO Santoso, so that the term Kencana Jaya “cokelat” was once known for the Kencana Jaya buses operated by Santoso.

Currently Bus Santoso operates VIP AC class buses with a capacity of 32 seats in a 2-2 formation, as well as Economy with a capacity of 40 seats.

To ensure the fleet is well maintained, PO Santoso employs a team of skilled and reliable mechanics.

Santoso’s fleet is also equipped with trained and experienced drivers. Attention to safety and punctuality has made Santoso a night bus company that has been around for nearly 50 years.

Livery Yudistira HD Santoso V2

96. Saztro Holiday

Saztro Holiday

97. SCH Abu Abu

SCH Abu Abu

98. SCH Putih

SCH Putih

99. SJS Abu-Abu

SJS Abu Abu

100. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu Gorden

Sudiro Tungga Jaya or often abbreviated as STJ is a bus company originating from Magetan City, East Java, with intercity public transportation services.

The owner, Agus Muhammad Syidik, initially managed an oil distribution business. Then as the community’s need for public transportation grew, he turned his business into an autobus service provider in 2014.

Only from a few ELF units, now Sudiro Tungga Jaya buses already have several fleets with quite large buses.

When it was first established, Sudiro Tungga Jaya only served the Ponorogo to Bogor (PP) and Ponorogo to Tangerang (PP) routes.

Then, the Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket expanded its route to Sukabumi to Magetan, Karawang to Cepu, Ponorogo to Sukabumi, and many other routes.

Sudiro Tungga Jaya tickets divide routes based on certain divisions. For example, Division 1 East Java serves the Madiun area, Division 2 serves the Wonogiri area, and Division 3 Muria serves the Kudus and Pati areas.

The Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus complements each of its fleets with the availability of the Executive class which has 32 seats. By purchasing a Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket, passengers will be provided with complete facilities.

The facilities available from the Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket price are air conditioning, reclining seats, charging points, leg rest, arm rest, TV, snacks, free food, pillows, blankets, and toilets.

Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu Gorden

101. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu

Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu

102. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Kimmoura Gorden

Sudiro Tungga Jaya Kimmoura Gorden

103. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Kimmoura

Sudiro Tungga Jaya Kimmoura

104. Sugeng Rahayu SR1 V2

Sugeng Rahayu is known as one of the legendary buses from East Java. This bus operator, which has been established since 1981 in Sidoarjo, offers economy class, economy AC (commonly called AC Tariff Ordinary or ATB), and executive class to reach various cities on the island of Java.

Under the auspices of Sumber Group, Sugeng Rahayu is now known as the “king of the streets”. The nickname was given because of the characteristic of this bus which is always speeding to get to its destination.

This is what later becomes the selling point and attracts people to use the services of Sugeng Rahayu.

The selling value also makes Sugeng Rahayu continue to grow. This can be seen from the achievement of a number of achievements, such as the best service award as the organizer of Lebaran transportation in 2005, 2007, and 2008.

In addition, the company has also been selected as the best bus in terms of administrative completeness of the Purabaya Terminal (Bungurasih) Surabaya 2010 and 2011, and received the title Bus Polite 2011 from the East Java Police.

Sugeng Rahayu SR1 V2

105. Sugeng Rahayu V3

Sugeng Rahayu V3

106. Sumber Alam

Sumber Alam

107. Sumber Jaya Black Sweet

Livery Sumber Jaya Black Sweet

108. Sumber Jaya Genggong

Sumber Jaya Genggong

109. Sumber Jaya Gomres

Sumber Jaya Gomres

110. Sumber Jaya Jendral ABG

Sumber Jaya Jendral ABG

111. Sumber Jaya Kadita

Sumber Jaya Kadita

112. Sumber Jaya Ratu

Sumber Jaya Ratu

113. T Star

T Star

114. Template Efek Rongsokan + Kaca Pecah

Template Efek Rongsokan + Kaca Pecah

115. Template Efek Rongsokan

Template Efek Rongsokan

116. Thania

Livery Bus Simulator Indonesia Thania

117. Tunggal Dara Putera

Tungga Dara Putera is one of the mainstay of transportation for Wonogiri city residents.

The available routes make it easier for local residents to travel long distances to the western region of Java Island.

This PO was established in 1978 to meet the needs of the Wonogiri residents for public transportation related to the construction of the Gajah Mungkur reservoir at that time.

Initially, this PO provided inter-provincial transportation. However, now he also serves for tourism and package delivery. Supported by a personal body, the services offered are more satisfying.

For his dedication, PO which was founded by Hj. Tinem Darmo Sutarno received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the president of Indonesia in 2015.

Tunggal Dara Putera
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