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36. Gunung Mulia V2

PO. Gunung Mulia is a land transportation provider company with a fleet of buses that serve various routes from :

  • Jakarta
  • Bogor
  • Tangerang
  • Bekasi

And surrounding areas to several cities in Central Java such as :

  • Semarang
  • Ungaran
  • Solo
  • Sukoharjo
  • Wonogiri
  • Ngadirijo
  • Jatisrono
  • Purwantoro

This Otobus company was founded in 1986 with its head office located in the city of Wonogiri, Central Java.

By using various chassis variants from the manufacturer Hino RK8, Hino RG, Mercedes Benz OH 1521 and OH 1525z which are equipped with facilities that greatly support the comfort of passengers while on the trip.

Even so, the ticket prices offered are also very affordable for all people with classes ranging from Economy, VIP and Executive.

Gunung Mulia V2

37. Handoyo SR1

The difference between the normal livery and the livery with the SR1 code is the side pillar, the #bismania often call it a scarf.

The Legacy SR-1 can be called a special edition, which is an accessory that separates the driver and passengers in the front row of seats (railing protection).

Handoyo SR1

38. Handoyo

PO Handoyo has an office on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta in Magelang, Central Java. The office is also a garage for his fleet.

At the beginning of its establishment, PO Handoyo served the routes of Yogyakarta – Semarang, Magelang – Weleri and Magelang – Ngadirejo.

Please note that Handoyo Bus is one of the transportation companies that provides services to meet the needs of the community in terms of public transportation.

Handoyo buses have inter-provincial and inter-city routes as well as between islands, namely the island of Java and the island of Sumatra. The Java Island route is from Jakarta to Malang.

PO Handoyo was founded in 1975 by the great entrepreneur, Dibyo Wibowo. And the name “Handoyo” itself is taken from the name of his son Daniel Handoyo.

PO Handoyo is under PT PT Indo Transport Abdimas and is managed directly by Daniel Handoyo.

With his time and experience in the world of night buses, PO Handoyo has earned the nickname the king of the streets from the Tidar Valley of Magelang in Central Java.

Even in difficult times, PO Handoyo had time to acquire other POs such as Mandala from East Java who joined the Handoyo Group.

Handoyo buses have a fleet of VIP, Economy, Patas, AC and AC economy classes that use bus chassis from Hino such as AK and RK as well as Mercedes-Benz chassis.

To build the bus, Handoyo often uses the services of bodybuilders from New Armada, Laksana, Rahayu Santosa and Adi Putro.

Now PO Handoyo serves the Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Klaten, Surabaya-Cirebon and Jakarta-Wonogiri routes.

PO Handoyo has also collaborated with bus companies to Malang. The destinations from Malang are Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Wonosobo, Purwokerto, Semarang and Magelang.

For the purpose of the Java route, the types of buses used are AC, Patas and executive buses serving the routes of Jakarta, Klaten, Solo, Wonogiri, Gemolong, Pracimantoro, Pulo Gadung, Bekasi, Semarang, Kudus, Pati, Tangerang, Temanggung, Magelang, Kali Deres. and Tirtomoyo.


39. Harapan Jaya Gorden

Harapan Jaya Gorden

40. Harapan Jaya V2

Harapan Jaya V2

41. Haryanto 007 Vanttagio Gorden

PO Haryanto Haryanto is one of the best bus companies (PO) in Java.

The service quality of this transportation mode provider from Kudus, Central Java is evidenced by the achievement of an award from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation for the non-economic AKAP Bus category in 2019.

Haryanto was pioneered in 2002 by H. Haryanto. Haryanto started its operations with an initial capital of six buses serving the Cimone – Cikarang route.

Due to lack of interest, Haryanto opened new routes, namely Jakarta – Kudus, Jakarta – Pati, and Jakarta – Jepara. Since then, the routes served have continued to expand to cover various areas in Java and Madura.

In addition, Haryanto also serves route tickets to Sumatra, in collaboration with NPM otobuses company, which is one of the bus companies in Sumatera island.

Livery Bussid Haryanto 009 Sadewa

42. Haryanto 007 Vanttagio

Haryanto 014 Arjuna v2

43. Haryanto 009 Sadewa

Livery Haryanto 014 Arjuna

44. Haryanto 014 Arjuna v2

Haryanto 022

45. Haryanto 014 Arjuna

Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru Gorden

46. Haryanto 022

Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru

47. Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru Gorden

Livery Yudistira HD Haryanto 202 Al Zahwa

48. Haryanto 136 Kanjeng Guru

Haryanto 26 Hanoman

49. Haryanto 202 Al Zahwa

Haryanto 93 New Tattoo

50. Haryanto 26 Hanoman

Haryanto 007 Vanttagio Gorden

51. Haryanto 93 New Tattoo

Haryanto 007 Vanttagio

52. Hasyim Asyari

Hasyim Asyari

53. HUT RI 76 Polos

Livery HUT RI Polos

54. HUT RI 76

Livery Bussid HUT RI

55. Ivan Motor

Ivan Motor
Anton JR
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