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56. Jackal Holidays

Jackal Holidays

57. Jaya Reog

PO Jaya is a bus company from Ponorogo, East Java. This Jaya bus has two types of fleets, namely Jaya 1 which is yellow and Jaya 2 which is white.

The hallmark of the Jaya Kuning bus can be seen on the head, which always has green, white, red colors which at first glance resemble the Italian flag.

Then on both the left and right sides there are chess sticker patterns.

Jaya Reog

58. Koswara Trans

Koswara Trans

59. Lestari Muda

Lestari Muda

60. Maju Lancar V2

Maju Lancar is the pride of the people of Gunung Kidul, PO Maju Lancar has been established since 1986 by H. Sutrisno and Hj. Sri Hartati.

PO Maju Lancar is a passenger and freight transportation service company headquartered in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Currently, Maju Lancar buses have 64 units of fleet operating, and Maju Lancar buses serve a variety of new routes such as Wonosari-Palembang and Wonosari-Bandung.

The Maju Lancar bus schedule also serves Yogyakarta trips to Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, and finally the Maju Lancar bus to Tangerang.

Maju Lancar V2

61. Maju Terus

Maju Terus

62. Makmur

Bus Makmur is the brother of Bus Halmahera which is a PO Bus from Medan. Both of them serve land transportation trips.

The Makmur Medan bus travels from North Sumatra, to be precise from Medan to several provinces on the island of Sumatra itself.

Makmur buses use engines from Mercedes Benz O500R or OH 1836 which are now also used by many other bus fleets in Indonesia.

The product is indeed very stubborn and durable because it is included in the latest product category.

Each car body is competing to show its best work compared to the Mercedes Benz OH 1836 chassis, such as the Adi Putro Malang body.


63. Malika Wisata

Malika Wisata

64. Manattan


65. Manggala Trans Biru

Manggala Trans Biru

66. Marissa Holiday Gorden

Marissa Holiday Gorden

67. Marissa Holiday

Livery Marissa Holiday Yudistira HD

68. Mata Trans

Mata Trans

69. Merdeka


70. Muji Jaya

PO Muji Jaya was present as the first bus company in Jepara on August 5, 1991. With the MD code taken from the name of its founder, H. Murdi, Muji Jaya Bus started its operations by serving the Jepara–Jakarta route.

Now, Muji Jaya’s services have been expanded to cover Greater Jakarta, Central Java and Bali, making it one of the best choices for intercity and interprovincial travel.

The Muji Jaya bus comes in the VIP Executive class with 32 seats configured 2-2 from Hai Rimba Kencana. The PO Muji Jaya fleet uses reliable Mercedes and Hino RK engines.

Muji Jaya has also released 3 units of Adiputro body buses which are planned to be operated as AKAP Muriaan buses (buses operating in the Gunung Muria area) with the Jakarta–Jepara route.

The routes that passengers are most interested in for the Muji Jaya Bus are:

  1. Semarang – Tangerang
  2. Karawang – Pati
  3. Bekasi – Kudus
  4. Tangerang – Kudus
  5. Bogor – Pati
Muji Jaya

71. Murni Jaya Discovery

Murni Jaya Discovery By Sandhi Irmawan

72. New Damri SR1

New Damri SR1

73. New Damri

New Damri

74. New Shantika Elegance

New Shantika Elegance

75. New Shantika Elegant

New Shantika Elegant
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