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81. PMH Gorden

PMH Gorden

82. PMH


83. PMTOH V2

Livery Bussid PMTOH V2

84. Purwo Widodo Kotor

Purwo Widodo kotor

85. Purwo Widodo

Purwo Widodo

86. Putra Gemilang

Putra Gemilang

87. Putra Luragung

Putra Luragung

88. Putra Pelangi

Putra Pelangi

89. Safari Dharma Raya

Safari Dharma Raya

90. Safari Discovery

Safari Discovery By Sandhi Irmawan

91. Samarinda Lestari

Samarinda Lestari

92. Sandpaper Cafe Bus

Sandpaper Cafe Bus

93. Sandpaper Ijo

Sandpaper Ijo

94. Sandpaper Janetes

Sandpaper Janetes

95. Santoso V2

PO Santoso started from PO Tresno which was founded by dr. Anwar Sani and his wife in Magelang in the ’70s.

PO Tresno which was inherited to the couple’s three children later became 3 new bus companies, namely PO Life Baru, PO Kencana Jaya, and PO Santoso.

When Kencana Jaya was unable to maintain its business, several units of Kencana Jaya buses were purchased by PO Santoso, so that the term Kencana Jaya “cokelat” was once known for the Kencana Jaya buses operated by Santoso.

Currently Bus Santoso operates VIP AC class buses with a capacity of 32 seats in a 2-2 formation, as well as Economy with a capacity of 40 seats.

To ensure the fleet is well maintained, PO Santoso employs a team of skilled and reliable mechanics.

Santoso’s fleet is also equipped with trained and experienced drivers. Attention to safety and punctuality has made Santoso a night bus company that has been around for nearly 50 years.

Livery Yudistira HD Santoso V2

96. Saztro Holiday

Saztro Holiday

97. SCH Abu Abu

SCH Abu Abu

98. SCH Putih

SCH Putih

99. SJS Abu-Abu

SJS Abu Abu

100. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu Gorden

Sudiro Tungga Jaya or often abbreviated as STJ is a bus company originating from Magetan City, East Java, with intercity public transportation services.

The owner, Agus Muhammad Syidik, initially managed an oil distribution business. Then as the community’s need for public transportation grew, he turned his business into an autobus service provider in 2014.

Only from a few ELF units, now Sudiro Tungga Jaya buses already have several fleets with quite large buses.

When it was first established, Sudiro Tungga Jaya only served the Ponorogo to Bogor (PP) and Ponorogo to Tangerang (PP) routes.

Then, the Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket expanded its route to Sukabumi to Magetan, Karawang to Cepu, Ponorogo to Sukabumi, and many other routes.

Sudiro Tungga Jaya tickets divide routes based on certain divisions. For example, Division 1 East Java serves the Madiun area, Division 2 serves the Wonogiri area, and Division 3 Muria serves the Kudus and Pati areas.

The Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus complements each of its fleets with the availability of the Executive class which has 32 seats. By purchasing a Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket, passengers will be provided with complete facilities.

The facilities available from the Sudiro Tungga Jaya bus ticket price are air conditioning, reclining seats, charging points, leg rest, arm rest, TV, snacks, free food, pillows, blankets, and toilets.

Sudiro Tungga Jaya Abimanyu Gorden
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