What Race Is Michael Jackson? Reveal His Ethnic & Ancestors

What Race Is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, near Chicago, on August 29, 1958. His race is African-American and is the 8th child of 10 siblings.

We know, even though Michael Jackson publicly expresses his pride in his African-American heritage, media speculation about his discoloration, racial eradication surgery, and the fatherhood of his children raised many questions about his racial identity.

Links to African slavery, Native American Blackfoot, and other European ancestries, Michael Jackson’s ethnic background is not as simple as his song “black and white“.

From his mother’s side, Katherine Jackson, it is said that he has Blackfoot Native American ancestry.

Originally, the Blackfoot Indians were a nomadic American Indian tribe who migrated from the Great Lakes region to the Northwest.

They settled in the Northern Great Plains, now known as Montana and Idaho and Alberta, Canada (though this has not been publicly verified).

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Jackson’s father, Joseph Walter Jackson (Joe Jackson) wrote in his book “The Jacksons” that she (Katherine Jackson) had Native American ancestry.

Jackson’s name comes from his paternal great-grandfather, Jack Gale. Jack was born in the early 19th century to the Choctaw Indians.

The Native American Choctaw originated in modern Mexico and the American Southwest and lived in the Mississippi River Valley for the 1800 years before the colonization of the United States.

Jack Gale was an Indian shaman who has a love story with a black slave named Gina. In 1838 their first son was born, who was named Israel.

Unfortunately, at that time if one of the parents became a slave then the child would be considered a slave as well.

So, even though his father was a free man, he could not escape his mother’s life of slavery.

When Israel grew up, people nicknamed him Nero. And in the end, the last name of Nero (Jack’s son) changed to Nero Jack-son.

Michael Jackson’s father described Nero’s characteristics as being tall and light-skinned, with high cheekbones and small sparkling eyes.

Nero was still a child when he learned shamanism from Jack. However, despite the gift of shamanism, Nero has been sold to a plantation in Louisiana.

Over the years, Nero tried to escape several times, but his attempts always failed which resulted in him being beaten almost to death and put into hard labor.

At one time, Nero was tortured by pressing his nose with heated metal tongs until he lost all feeling in his face. The burn scars remained for the rest of his life.

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After the abolition of slavery in 1865, the situation got better. Nero earns a decent salary by selling Indian medicines thanks to the teachings of his father, Jack.

During his life, Nero loved to sing and often performed the ancient military dance of the Choctaw. He later married a three-quarters Choctaw Indian woman named Emmaline (Michael Jackson’s great-grandmother).

Emmaline is from Louisiana and was described by Joseph Jackson as having a slightly yellowish color to her mother’s skin.

And that’s a little history and the answers to the question of what race is Michael Jackson was according to the origins of his ancestors, I hope it’s useful.

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