The Complete List Of Records Has Michael Jackson Sold

How Many Records Has Michael Jackson Sold

Throughout his career, the records has Michael Jackson sold is more than 750 million worldwide. He notched 8 platinum or multiplatinum albums and 13 #1 singles, and has 47 songs that broke the Billboard Hot 100.

The American singer had released :

  • 10 Studio Albums
  • 3 Soundtrack Albums
  • 1 Live Album
  • 39 Compilation Albums
  • 10 Video Albums, and
  • 8 Remix Albums

Even since his death, 2 more albums of unreleased tracks have been posthumously released.

The King Of Pop Is Making History And Breaking Records!

Michael Jackson had became one of the best-selling music artists in history with over 400 million records sold worldwide.

According to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America), Jackson has sold 86 million certified albums in US, which made him the sixth top-selling album artist in the country.

In fact, Thriller is the biggest highest selling album worldwide 30 years after his release.

Then, Dangerous is the highest selling new Jackson swing album.

Next, History is the highest selling double disc album, and History In The Mix remains the highest selling remix album.

Even Invincible album has sold over 13 million copies with no promotion.

It could be that Michael Jackson actually sold 1 billion records. However, as America continues to seek to erase his legacy, it is difficult to determine the exact number.

Even so, according to reports and several journals say that the number mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph (400 million and 750 million) is the most widely believed.

We also have to remember that Jackson has been going solo and writing various albums since he was a kid.

Records Has Michael Jackson Sold

1. List Of Sold Studio Album Records

1Got to Be ThereWorldwide: 1.500.000
3Music & MeN/A
4Forever, MichaelN/A
5Off the WallWorldwide: 20.000.000
CAN: 300.000
FRA: 1.000.000
6ThrillerWorldwide: 70.000.000
AUS: 1.150.000
CAN: 2.400.000
NL: 1.400.000
UK: 4.470.000
7BadWorldwide: 35.000.000
US: 10.000.000
NL: 500.000
UK: 4.140.000
8DangerousWorldwide: 32.000.000
AUS: 740.000
UK: 2.010.069
9HIStory: Past, Present
and Future, Book I
Worldwide: 22.000.000
US: 4.000.000
UK: 1.500.000
10InvincibleWorldwide: 8.000.000
US: 2.400.000
CAN: 100.000

2. List Of Sold Posthumous Albums Records

1MichaelWorldwide: 3,000,000
US: 541,000
FRA: 120,000

3. List Of Sold Compilations Albums Records

1A Collection of Michael Jackson’s OldiesN/A
2The Best of Michael JacksonN/A
3One Day in Your LifeN/A
418 Greatest HitsN/A
59 Singles PackN/A
614 Greatest HitsN/A
7Farewell My Summer LoveN/A
8Ain’t No SunshineN/A
9The Great Love Songs of Michael JacksonN/A
10Looking Back to YesterdayN/A
12Their Very Best – Back to Back (with Diana Ross, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder)N/A
13Love Songs (with Diana Ross)N/A
14Singles Souvenir PackN/A
15Motown’s Greatest HitsN/A
16Tour Souvenir PackN/A
17Rockin’ RobinN/A
18The Best of Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5ive (with The Jackson 5)N/A
19The Very Best of Michael Jackson with The Jackson Five (with The Jackson 5)N/A
2020th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Michael JacksonCAN: 100.000
21Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume IUK: 245.000
22Love SongsN/A
23Number OnesWorldwide: 10.000.000
US: 5.300.000
24Off the Wall / ThrillerN/A
25Bad / DangerousN/A
26The Ultimate CollectionN/A
27The Essential Michael JacksonWorldwide: 6.000.000
US: 2.120.000
UK: 829.884
28Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix / InvincibleN/A
29Visionary: The Video SinglesN/A
30The Motown Years (Les 50 plus belles chansons)N/A
31King of PopN/A
33Dangerous / Dangerous: The Short FilmsN/A
34The CollectionN/A
35The Definitive CollectionN/A
36La Légende de la PopN/A
37The Indispensable CollectionN/A
38The Ultimate Fan Extras CollectionN/A
39ScreamFRA: 3.300
US: 14.000

The Place Where Was Michael Jackson Raised

Not all records have sales data, only valid information is listed above.

The conclusion is : In total, the records has Michael Jackson sold is more than 750 million worldwide.

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