Why Was Michael Jackson So Famous? Here Are 12 Reasons

Why Was Michael Jackson So Famous

Michael Jackson is one of the legendary singers who had a huge impact on the world. Then why was he so famous? What is his background, achievements, and career path?

Here, you will find the answer to why was Michael Jackson so famous and a little bit of his life.

1. The Jackson Five

The Jackson 5
The Jackson Five

Since childhood, Jackson’s father had high ambitions to make his children become singers. His father continued to support them until they formed a family band called The Jackson 5.

Michael Jackson has been the vocalist since he was 5 years old.

Together with his brother, Jackson made history when they became the first group in pop history to have their first four singles hit no 1.

The songs are :

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2. Generous And Has A High Sense Of Humanity

In 1992, Michael Jackson founded a charity called Heal The World Foundation. Through this charity, Jackson brings underprivileged children to the farm to play on amusement park rides and raises many humanitarian funds.

Millions of US Dollars are poured around the world to help children suffering from war, disease, and poverty.

A portion of his earnings he donates to the Heal The World Foundation. Even in 2000 ago, The Guinness Book Of World Records named Michael Jackson as the most generous pop star in history.

During his lifetime, Michael Jackson has donated more than 300 million US Dollars which was donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, NAACP, UNICEF, Red Cross, and many other foundations.

3. Changing An Existing Music Genre

Jackson’s early musical career began with his family’s music band along with his older brothers. The band was named The Jackson Five.

Michael Jackson has been the vocalist in the band since he was 5 years old.

After he started growing up, he became a solo singer and has composed dozens of songs in various genres of music such as jazz, pop, disco, RnB, and so on. Jackson also has a distinctive high-pitched voice.

4. Win 8 Grammy In One Night

Grammy Awards
Grammy Awards

In 1984, Michael Jackson made history by becoming the first artist to win 8 Grammy awards in just 1 night.

Jackson is one of the artists with the most Grammy wins in the 1980s with 11 awards.

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5. Double Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Michael Jackson became the first artist to have 2 stars in the same category on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Before he got it as a solo artist, he also earned it while he was with The Jackson 5.

6. Got The Prestigious Grammy Legend Award

To date, only 15 individuals have been awarded the prestigious GRAMMY Legend Award.

This award is given to an artist or group that contributes and has a lasting impact on the world of recording. Jackson had become the 10th person to receive the award in 1993.

7. Popularizing Typical Dances

Jackson also has a unique and different characteristic from other singers. One of the dances that he often performs is the Moonwalk, which is a movement to walk backward smoothly until he stands by tilting his body.

To this day, the movie has been regarded as a relic used by leading dancers.

Iconic Fashion
Iconic Fashion

If you notice, Michael Jackson is synonymous with a black leather jacket, slightly hanging trousers, white gloves, and a fedora hat.

This style of dress has been in demand by many people and has become a trend.

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9. Unique Video Clip

Not only about the story, but the video clip that was released by Michael Jackson also has its uniqueness.

Thriller video clips were the most expensive type at that time. Meanwhile, Smooth Criminal used very sophisticated effects at that time.

10. Influence On The Music Industry

Michael Jackson is a figure who has had a huge impact on the development of the music industry, especially the pop genre.

In fact, until now his name is still touted as a big figure in the world of music.

What’s more, he’s not only focused on entertaining people but also helping and giving voice to fight discrimination through the music he creates.

11. Sensational

After his death, Jackson became the first artist to reach digital song sales of over 1 million in one week (he sold 2.6 million tracks).

He also became the first artist to have 3 best-selling albums in the US. Even, two weeks later he became the first artist to have 6 of the 10 best-selling albums, absolutely sensational. 👏

12. Always In The Heart

Always In The Heart
Always In The Heart

Thanks to his actions during his life, he made himself a byword by many people. Even after his death, the reason Jackson died, the condition of his wife and children was in the public spotlight.

We all know that good deeds will always leave a mark. Likewise, with what Jackson did, he may have left, but his kindness will always be remembered and felt by many people.

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And Now You Know The Reason Why Was Michael Jackson So Famous

Now, you know the answer to why was Michael Jackson is so famous.

For everything he has achieved and fought for, he deserves it.

We can learn a lot from him. To be someone unique, has character, is kind, and never gives up.

Cheer up to live the days, may we be the lucky ones. I’m Anton JR, see you in another article. 😃

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