Kingdom Rush Tower Defense, Still Best Strategy Game Since 2015

Kingdom Rush Tower Defense

If you’re a gamer who loves a good challenge and enjoys cleverly crafted strategy games, then you might have heard of “Kingdom Rush Tower Defense“.

This game isn’t just about building towers and watching waves of enemies crash against them – it’s about quick decisions, strategic planning, and a bit of humor thrown into the mix.

In Kingdom Rush, every level is a puzzle waiting to be solved, with various towers and upgrades at your disposal.

What sets it apart isn’t just its polished gameplay but also its ability to keep you hooked for ‘just one more level‘.

So, why has Kingdom Rush become a favorite in the tower defense genre?

We’ll explore the mechanics, the charm, and the unexpected fun that makes this game not just another title in the crowded field of tower defense games, but a standout experience that keeps players coming back.

Whether you’re a tower defense veteran or new to the genre, Kingdom Rush offers a blend of challenge and charm that’s hard to resist.

Kingdom Rush Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush

Back to the past, in the early days of Android development, Ironhide Games developing a game called ‘Kingdom Rush’ and published by Armor Games in 2011.

Precisely, it was released on July 28, 2011, as a browser game, followed by ports for iOS in December 2011, Android on May 13, 2013, and Windows and macOS on January 6, 2014.

This game immediately became popular because of its unique concept and various characters.

Below we will discuss more about this game and what I personally think after playing it for more than 10 years.


When it first appeared on PC, I felt that this was a light but unique and fun game. I don’t need a graphics card with high specs, I can play it smoothly.

Even with the dual core processor specifications which were released in 2007 and with integrated graphics card, this game has no problems at all.

Of course you can imagine how the graphic quality would be if it could run on a computer with low specifications.

The graphics are still 2D but not too old school and in my opinion not too inferior to GTA 3, however this game is still classified as 2D and is not an accurate comparison when comparing it with GTA.

However, the game will definitely be successful if the storyline presented is able to attract the attention of the players.

In this case, Kingdom Rush Tower Defense has succeeded in capturing the hearts of its players.

But at this time if you play it on Android the graphics are quite better than on the old school PC version when it was first released, you can see some of the screenshots that I present below:

Graphics 1
Graphics 1
Graphics 2
Graphics 2
Graphics 3
Graphics 3

Game Misson

The mission in this game is quite simple, you have to defend the kingdom by placing towers along the road so that monsters cannot cross the finish line and enter the kingdom you are defending.

You are also presented with various kinds of support such as Hero, items and small reinforcement assistance.

There are also map routes that you have to complete one by one, at the start of the map you don’t get all types of towers. but the further you complete the route, the more towers will open.

Game Misson
Game Misson


The main task in this game is to place the Tower as effectively as possible so that the defense becomes strong.

One example of tactics that can be done is to place a warrior or defense tower at a crossroads and on the side let the Tower of magic bombs and arrows attack it.

There are 4 types of towers, which is archers, mage, barracks, and bombard. However, this tower can change shape over time when it is upgraded to the maximum level.

1. Archers

Archers Tower
Archers Tower

This tower attacks in the form of archers, and will be effective if the person being attacked is a flying enemy.

2. Barracks

Barracks Tower
Barracks Tower

This is a tower that must be planted because it will hinder and buy time for enemies, especially those who move very quickly.

During the interception, other towers can attack the enemy being ambushed.

3. Mage

Mage Tower
Mage Tower

This tower attacks with magical power, usually effective against enemies who are strong but have no magic resistance.

Even if you have reached the maximum level you can choose to raise a giant guardian as a defense.

4. Bombard

Bombard Tower
Bombard Tower

This is my favorite tower because its destructive power is very high, and at the top level we can choose it to become a Tesla Tower which attacks with electricity.

That means this tower can attack ground and air enemies. Pretty useful, right?

Support Items

In the game, you can also use support items to help keep your defense up.

There are various kinds of support items that you can use while in the game, you can buy them at the shop.

These items include:

  • Heartbox: Add extra life
  • Frozotov : Freeze enemies
  • Dynamite: Explodes a dynamite bomb and reduces the enemy’s health
  • Fat Boy: Bomb with 1x drop but can clear the entire battlefield
  • Gold Bag: Add money/gold to buy or upgrade towers
  • Chill Wand : Freeze the entire battlefield
Support Items
Support Items

In addition to the supports I mentioned, there is also the support of dropping meteors and placing 2 temporary soldiers as more support.

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Kingdom Rush Tower Defense Guide

During the game, you only need to place the Tower effectively and prevent the enemy from entering the kingdom.

1. Place Towers As Effective As Possible

As I mentioned before, you need to place items and place soldiers at crossroads and place attack towers around them so that when the enemy is ambushed they will be attacked from all directions.

Place Towers As Effective As Possible
Place Towers As Effective As Possible
Place Towers As Effective As Possible 2
Place Towers As Effective As Possible 2

2. Place Hero In The Right Place

Another important guide is to place the hero at the end of the defense or I prefer to place it in the middle or the beginning because it can increase the level of the hero and increase the health level as well.

Place Hero In The Right Place
Place Hero In The Right Place

3. Analyze the Enemy’s Weaknesses

In order to effectively defeat the enemy you must know the enemy’s weaknesses, some enemies have resistance to certain towers and you must be able to combine them well.

Analyze The Enemy's Weaknesses
Analyze The Enemy’s Weaknesses

My Thoughts About This Game

This is my favorite game since 2013 and at that time I played it on PC. after I got Android I looked for it in the Play store and found it.

I don’t need advertising promotion because I am so satisfied with this game that I looked for it myself.

This is a game that I think is very cool but still relaxing and I really enjoy the effects and the various enemy variants.

What’s also interesting are the types of towers that we can plant.

After Kingdom Rush Tower Defense was completed, I was looking for a similar game and it turns out that Ironhide Games has several variants of Kingdom Rush which we will discuss in another article.

Download Kingdom Rush Tower Defense For Android

If you are interested and want to play on Android for free, you can download it at the following link:

OSAndroid 4.4 or higher
Size150 MB
DeveloperIronhide Games
Release dateMay 15, 2013
DownloadGet Kingdom Rush Free For Android

Download Kingdom Rush Tower Defense For PC [Steam Version]

This is for steam version, you need to purchase the game. But alternatively, you can run Android game or app on windows.

OS *Windows XP Service Pack 3
ProcessorDual Core CPU
Memory1 GB RAM
GraphicsOpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512MB of video RAM
Storage1500 MB available space
DownloadGet Kingdom Rush For PC On Steam

Download Kingdom Rush Tower Defense For PC [Play PC]

Now you can play any Android game or app in Windows. This is Kingdom Rush Tower Defense system requirements if you want to play for free and directly on Windows.

OSWindows 10 (v2004)
ProcessorCPU with 4 physical cores (some games require Intel CPUs)
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsIntelⓇ UHD Graphics 630 GPU or equivalent
StorageSolid State Drive (SSD) with 10 GB free storage space
DownloadGet Kingdom Rush Free For PC

That’s it! Hope you enjoy this article.

Lell me know if there is anything missing, hopefully this article can give you insight into the game Kingdom Rush Tower Defense TD.

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