When Did Michael Jackson Go Solo? This Is The Timeline

When Did Michael Jackson Go Solo

Michael Jackson is known as “King of Pop“. Apart from singing, he is also a songwriter and America’s leading dancer.

His career began with his family’s band the Jackson 5, in which he was the lead singer in the band. But then he started his solo career and left the band that had made his name.

Then, how and when did Michael Jackson go solo? Here’s a short story of his journey.

When Michael Jackson Goes Solo

Under the supervision of Gordy and his Motown staff, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 maintained a busy touring and recording schedule over the years.

The group became very popular and even had their own self-titled cartoon show which ran for approximately 2 years (1971 to 1972).

At the same time, Michael Jackson started his solo career and hasn’t left his family band yet.

Precisely at the age of 13 years (in 1971), Jackson launched his solo career and made the charts with “Got To Be There” from the album of the same name.

Then, Ben (second studio album of American singer Michael Jackson) featuring the eponymous ballad about a mouse received mixed reviews from contemporary music critics.

However, Ben was more successful on the music charts than Michael Jackson’s previous studio album after breaking into the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

At that time, Jackson was still in the group (Jackson 5) and his name was getting more and more popular.

Despite the success of the Jackson 5, there are a series of problems that lie behind the scenes.

Tensions rise during disagreements between Gordy (as the founder of Motown Records) and Joseph (Jackson’s dad) over career management because the Jackson family wanted more creative control over their children.

Finally, in 1976 the group officially cut ties with Motown. Meanwhile, Jackson is still pursuing his solo career.

Jackson continued his solo career with great success. In 1979, his solo album Off The Wall got a very positive response and helped the Jackson family as a group.

In the following year (1980), Triumph by the Jackson 5 group sold more than 1 million copies. This led Jackson and his brother to tour extensively in support of the record.

Time went on, and Michael Jackson is constantly exploring more ways to grow on his own.

And finally, in December 1984, Jackson announced he was leaving the band after their performance at the Dodger Stadium.

The following month, Marlon left the band after which the band’s last record was released in 1987.

In 2001, they reunited as six-piece for 2 performances to commemorate Michael Jackson’s solo career, taking to the stage at Madison Square Garden.

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